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Question: What are the approved certificate and the non-accredited certificate for training courses? Is everything that is approved, recognized?

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The answer: In the world of training courses, centers, and certificates vary between direct attendance or electronic training online, remotely. Here, questions abound about the accreditation of centers and certificates, and until the picture becomes clear, you must verify the following points: First: The difference between the meaning of the approved, the recognized, and the illusory.

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Approved: is every training facility that holds a license or a legal commercial registry that allows it to practice the activity. Recognized: It is recognition by other bodies of this approved center.

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Fictitious: is every establishment that promotes, accredits, and issues certificates for training without having any legal license for it.

Fourth: What are the online training certificates? The Internet is a world full of educational platforms and training sites, and as is known, remote training has advantages that are not found in direct training, such as ease of access, low cost, speed of completion, attendance from your place, access to your needs of addresses quickly and listen to trainers from several countries, etc.

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As we talked about before, recognition of this accreditation varies from state to state and from one institution to another. Therefore, we advise everyone not to be tempted informatori pentru opțiuni collect certificates that do not have accreditations.

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Look for certificates from an accredited international body. The approval was issued by our company and some organizations working with us to issue and extract this license with funds that can be expanded internationally License controls and provisions These special rules and regulations were approved on September 12, And so on 1- Developing the skills of security men in this field.