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  1. Indien de testmethode voor het testen van een stof met meerdere bestanddelen, een UVCB-stof of een mengsel wordt gebruikt, moet voor zover mogelijk voldoende informatie over de samenstelling van het mengsel beschikbaar worden gesteld, bijvoorbeeld aan de hand van de chemische identiteit van de bestanddelen, hun kwantitatieve aandeel in het mengsel en relevante eigenschappen van de bestanddelen.
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Pictorialul a John k hull options ediția 8 realizat la Night Club Premiere, din Cluj. The young nonconformist, an employee of the casino in Cluj which hosted the show, impressed photographers through her naturalness, ease and spontaneity. The beautiful Cristina is 24 years old and will represent the region of Ardeal in Bucharest, in the final of Miss Hostess The young woman from Ardeal promoted within the show the concept of traveling "by two wheels" and safety in traffic and confessed that her favorite poet was Bacovia.

The pictorial was put together at Night Club Premiere in Cluj. The organization of gambles can be undertaken by economic operators who fulfill the requirements provided for by the Government Emergency Ordinance no.

In view of obtaining the license to organize gambles, the economic operators formulating the request are obliged to fulfill the specific requirements provided for by the emergency ordinance and the present decision for each individual activity. The license to organize gambles is granted individually, it is valid for a period of 5 years from the date of issuing and it is not transmissible. Given the situation that economic operators fail to make proof of paying the fee afferent to the license to organize gambles for the first year up to and including the 25th of the month following the one when the documentation was approved within the commission, the approval is rightfully cancelled.

The same will happen in case an organizer of gambles holds several licenses to organize gambles.

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For the performance of activities related to the organization of gambles, respectively the organization of the financial-accounting activity, safeguard activity, transport of valuable goods and the like, as well as for obtaining the right of use of gaming means or of the space where the gambles are organized, economic operators may conclude contracts with natural persons or legal entities, under lawful conditions.

Exploatarea jocurilor de noroc se poate realiza numai pe baza autoriza]iei de exploatare a jocurilor de noroc, document emis de Ministerul Finan]elor Publice, prin comisie. The exploitation of gambles can only be performed based on the authorization of exploiting gambles issued by the Ministry of Public Finances, through the commission. The authorization for exploiting gambles is granted for a period of 12 months.

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The date the validity of the authorization to exploit gambles begins is the 1st day of the month following that when, after the documentation submitted by the economic operator was analyzed and favorably approved, the payment of the sums owed in anticipation by the economic operator was performed.

In case economic operators fail to make proof of paying the fee afferent to the authorization to exploit gambles, the commission's approval is rightfully cancelled. In case the date of approval within the commission means granting the authorization to exploit gambles for fractions of a quarter, respectively February 1st, March 1st, May 1st, June 1st, August 1st, September 1st, November 1st, December 1st, economic operators organizing the gambles are obliged to pay the authorization fee afferent to the quarter the respective month is a part of.

Care sunt membrii acestei asocial]ii?

Suntem membri Euromat din Care este activitatea Asocia]iei? Cristian Pascu? We are a specialized association set up in that contributed in to the elaboration of the first serious gambling law.

A law that governed this sector of activity until Founded in the context of a legislative void, which made necessary the regulation and organization of the industry, AOPJNR effectively contributed to the drafting of the laws and regulations by which we are mainly developing our activity to this day. A great deal of the current law takes over some of the concepts elaborated in Who are the members of this association? Since the very beginning, the Association had as members representatives of the specialized industry from all specialties existing at that time - electronic machines, casinos, bingo rooms.

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Betting houses were not around John k hull options ediția 8, they only appeared after year We have been members of Euromat since What is the activity of the Association? We have contributed over these years, after the elaboration of the law that was so necessary, Government Ordinance 69, respectively Government Decision dated Aprilto everything related to regulations issued along the way in the gambling domain. It's common knowledge that everywhere in this world governments perceive this domain as a "milking cow".

Here too, throughout time, various ministries have tried to impose additional taxes, more or less well though over, most times inapplicable. We had to cope with the "social stamp duty" and the "historic monuments stamp duty".

Then we participated to the elaboration of a proper way to really collect taxes, we made ourselves heard back then when we said that we couldn't accept for every new ministry to come along and impose a new tax.

Par]ial am reu[it, par]ial nu. We saw the drawbacks and what we had to do in order to make this domain professional. All these led to the necessity to revise the law, which happened in But we have to admit that it wasn't fully compliant with the amendments and point of view of our association.

What were the conditions of the new law? After there was a need to elaborate a new law, process to which we participated. Thus we realized that there is a group of interest trying to take the law, under the pretext of transparency, regulation and control, in a direction of particular loyalty and monopoly of the sector, starting from the state monopoly.

În rezultatul colaborării dintre participanți la diferite etape de implementare a proiectului, deja realizate, s-a constatat că la ora actuală cele două regiuni ale Moldovei se află într-o situaţie diferită de cea a anilor 90 când unirea celor două state părea iminentă. Actualmente una este parte integrantă a României — proaspătă membră UE, iar cealaltă, un stat independent de factură post—sovietică, situată în afara graniţelor comunităţii europene. În aceste condiţii Republica Moldova se manifestă ca un stat slab dezvoltat, care suportă în continuare consecinţele unei conjuncturi geopolitice nefavorabile; anexarea și colonizarea Basarabiei începând cu anul de câtre Imperiul Rus, ocupaţia din şi, ulterior, din până în de către URSS, care a marcat și un alt tip de colonizare și o tranziție de la un sistem socialist la cel neoliberal ce pare să nu aibă sfârșit. După cel de-al doilea război mondial aceste două regiuni s-au modernizat în cadrul aceluiaşi sistem socialist, însă pe căi distincte. Astfel, regimul dictatorial ceauşist eauşist în România, caracterizat printr-un naţional-comunism protocronist, a abuzat de o societate care s-a fortificat din interior, care a fost adusă la limita extenuării prin înfometare și privațiuni.

We tried hard to prevent getting to such a situation. We succeeded in part. And so, in the summer of - although there were significant diverging problems - the new normative act was issued on a material structure mainly conceived as a legal matter, and with the annexes changed in the last moment to numbers.

The new law doesn't seem very allowing Yes. We regret the disappearance of the operators on the market pursuant to the law operating sincebut we have to admit that a part of them were unprofessional.

But the other extreme which was on the brink of turning the entire sector over to some multinational companies - two, three, five, ten - wasn't fully compliant with both the Euromat position and Europe's point of view which is aiming to support SMEs.

Such a category still exists today. How many operators are there left on the market at this point? Spre deosebire de firmele mari care au plan de investi]ii de doi-trei ani [i care pot a[tepta.

Asta a fost inten]ia. Nu [tiu cine mai face bani. The problem is that, currently, the fight for survival makes this sector not very attractive anymore. And it is due to excessive taxation to which we have got, cumulated with the effects of the crisis. Today, we are struggling for survival. Small and medium firms are putting up a lot of effort to pay the quarterly tax in advance, amounting tolei.

These are amounts that can't be John k hull options ediția 8 for more than a few months or a year by SMEs. Unlike big firms that have investment plans spanning two-three years and that can wait. But we are thinking of the of the operators left on the market who would like to benefit from certain conditions that can allow them to hold on. Regulations that do not resort to ANAF or to the Financial Guard to blame the operator for not keeping records for each payment, an impossible thing in live games, machine games and casinos.

Regulations that do not put the operator in a situation to pay fines that go beyond imagination. We request that we remain within normal limits in terms of regulations, so that we can focus on coping with the John k hull options ediția 8 levels in order to overcome the crisis. We continue to claim that 15 machines per space is a high figure for the province, and that 10 machines is an optimal choice. We are not claiming that gambling should be taxed less than other sectors in trouble, but certain conditions can become more favorable in order to help operators survive and pay taxes.

Don't operators and producers have a coherent and unitary position in this sense? Lately we have witnessed a certain extent of awareness among operators and a degree of involvement from them. Throughout time, the number of our associate members went up from 20 in tothe current number being around The problem is that a big part of them don't get actively involved and don't collaborate with the Association.

In these conditions, a group of interest made up of big firms managed to impose a certain point of view.

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Lately it has proved beneficial that several specialized association in the industry structured together and that they are constantly collaborating - casino association, betting association, bingo association and slot-machines associations - Romslot, Exprogame. It's very good, especially given the perspective of the surprises the government has in store for us. It's about the awareness, which is so welcomed when it comes from both big and medium and small enterprises, awareness that unity is necessary.

I'm glad we manage to collaborate and express our points of view. Act together and not separately, in one's own interest, in secret, situation in which the law and the interests are imposed by two or three big companies.

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What do you mean by the interest of big companies? The interest to set some standards so high so opțiuni binare ceea ce înseamnă small and medium firms can't reach them. Multination firms and big local firms who propose to the Government to impose a bigger taxation level, a bigger number of machines per space, further restrictions and taxes which only they, as powerful companies, can support for an extended period of time because they have the resources.

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And after the market is cleared they impose the rule of the game. That was the intention. That's why they tried to raise the number of machines from 50 to per operator. Currently we have operators with up to a hundred machines and the rest with up to We managed with difficulty to maintain this number of machines and operators, even if they are working with no profit.

Everybody is working jus to survive. What about live casinos? They are also in trouble. In Bucharest, from twelve there are only eight casinos left, and in the province there are only three of four left.

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Of the 22 casinos which were once in Romania, we now have 12 or I don't know who is actually making a profit. And of the slotmachines operators, at least are at level zero and are trying to maintain their activity in order to remain on the market. E vorba de de spa]ii cu