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The Orthodox Cathedral

The Orthodox Cathedral particularly impressive due to its shape, was built in 1988 on the site of the ancient church.

The church’s plan is cross-shaped in neo-Byzantine style. The interior is painted in fresco technique, in Byzantine style. The iconostasis is imposing and carved in oak wood by craftsmen of Moldavia. The Church has in its possession two bells of a truly outstanding and historical value: the large bell weighing 200 kg was cast in Timișoara in 1896, and the small bell of 140 kg was cast by the same craftsman in Timișoara in 1918, both in bronze as well. This cathedral began during the fight against faith, continued to be build up and finished in the end, becoming thus a symbol of resistance and of renewal as well.

GPS: 47.481138888889 N, 22.582694444444 E