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Cultural events

Even though the evolution trends of the current society are also felt at the level of Tășnad city, the appreciation of traditions, customs, moral and spiritual values have not been affected to a great extent. There was and still is a continuity and attractiveness for cultural – artistic activities. An enlightening argument in this regard is the involvement of the authorities and dedicated locals in organizing cultural-artistic events that take place throughout all year long.

Calendar of cultural-artistic events

  • 15th of January The National Culture Day
  • 24th of January The Unification Day
  • 8th of March The International Women’s Day
  • 8th of April The International Romani Day
  • 2nd of May the Official Opening of the Summer Season
  • 21st of May The Heroes’ Day
  • 18th – 24th of May The Satu Mare County Culture Caravan
  • 1st of June The International Children’s Day
  • 12th – 14th June The InterRegional Popular and Folk Music Festival
  • 21st of June “Dragu-mi-i cântu şi jocu” Intercounty Folklore Festival
  • 26th of June National Flag Day
  • 19th of July The Swabian Days Celebration of Tăşnad
  • 7th of August The Commemoration of the Hungarian Poet Kölcsey Ferenc
  • 8th of August “Custom and Great Joy” („Datină şi voie bună”)
  • 15th of August Tăşnad City Day Celebration
  • 30th of August Gastronomic Festival
  • 12th – 13th of September The Commemoration of Avram Iancu
  • 1st of October The International Day of the Older Persons
  • 9th of October The Harvest Day
  • 6th of November Tăşnad High School Day Celebration
  • 9th of November The Commemoration of poet Ady Endre
  • 14th of November – “Laternenfest”
  • 1st of December Romania’s National Day
  • 6th to 31st of December Winter Celebrations

“Dragu-mi-i cântu şi jocu” Intercounty Folklore Festival

The “Dragu-mi-i cântu şi jocu” Intercounty Folklore Festival took place this year, as it happens every year, in the Unirea festival hall and was organised by the Townhall of Tășnad, the Cultural Centre of Tășnad, the Satu Mare County Council and the Regional Centre fot the Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture from Satu Mare. The event was sponsored by the Local Council from Tășnad.

The festival begins with the parade of the members dressed in traditional costumes through the centre of the town, to the great delight of the viewers.

This event is meant to bring back the children's interest for folklore, for the traditions and customes of our people, for the dances, songs and beautiful folk costumes from our grandmother's bottom drawers.

“Custom and Great Joy”. Gathering – a folklore night

The event that takes place annually wants to offer the youth, the tourists and the entire community a good way of spending their free time and to become at the same time the promoters of the local culture.

The organization of an authentic traditional folklore night is the perfect way to preserve and promote the cultural traditional lore, it also offers the youth the possibility and the opportunity to introduce themselves and to better perceive the traditional values, and also to revive the old customes. Such activities that promote the cultural treasure are good methods for the preservation and transmission of genuine cultural values of our people, especially from the Tășnad region, to the next generation.

Location: Thermal swimming pool.

15 th August – Tăşnad City Day Celebration

The 15 th August is a day of celebration for the inhabitants of Tășnad, and others as well, because of more reasons: the Orthodox Church celebrates each year on the 15 th August the Assumption on the Virgin, the most famous of the days dedicated to the Holy Virgin. This is also the dedication day of the local Orthodox Cathedral and it is the day of Tășnad.

This event is celebrated for the seventeenth time and it is organised by the Townhall and the Local Council together with the Cultural Centre from Tășnad. The inhabitants and the tourists attending this cultural event are presented a diversified programme, including folk, pop, rock and dance concerts, as well as fireworks. The location of this event is the Central Square from Tășnad.