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Thermal swimming pool

Located 2 km away from the centre of the town, the thermal swimming pool is the main tourist attraction of the spa resort in Tăşnad, which attracts every year thousands of tourists mostly from Satu Mare County and neighbouring counties (Bistriţa-Năsăud, Cluj, Maramureş, Sălaj), but which is also visited and appreciated by tourists from all over the country and abroad.

The spa resort falls into the category of tourist sites, specific to wellness and spa tourism for its thermal waters with unique properties and qualities, the water comes from a thermal aquiver taken from a depth of 1354 m and having a temperature of 70 degrees.

The thermal water therapeutical properties are recommended for the treatment of the following diseases: rheumatism, abarticulare rheumatism, chronic peripheral neurological diseases, chronic gynecological diseases (besides flare-ip inflamations), Posttraumatic stress disorders (professional diseases, endocrine disorders, metabolism disorders) or just for leisure, by combining the air with the sunlight.

At this time the spa resort covers an area of approximately 5 hectares and offers you the following facilities:

• 4 pools for adults and one for children, all with thermal water with a temperature above 35 degrees Celsius, during an average period of 150 days / year, and a pool with cold water. From October to April, is available the swimming pool located next to "Winter Pavilion" (with showers, changing rooms, sauna), so tourists can benefit from the healing properties of the thermal water and throughout the year. The total area of the surface of the swimming pool is approximately 2050 square meters;
• A space specially designed for tents and caravans. Inside this space tourists have access to hot shower area, toilets, electrical hook up, grills, belfry
• playgrounds for children;
• Sports grounds: multifunctional synthetic turf and floodlights sports ground , football-tennis pitch with synthetic turf, football and beach volleyball;
• conference room designed for 40 seats;
• parking place;
• Terraces and restaurants inside the swimming pool.

Besides these facilities, there are a wide range of accommodation possibilities (hotels, motels, and boarding houses), indoor swimming pools, treatment facilities, restaurants, pizzerias, fast-food restaurants, grocery stores, food market, bazaars, shops for souvenirs, indoor pools, ATMs.

Opening hours:

• from May to September the spa resort is open daily from 08:00 am to 22:00 pm
• from October to April the swimming pool located next to the "Winter Pavilion" is opened from Monday to Sunday from 10.00 am to 20.00 pm, except on Wednesdays when the pool is closed.

Price list for 2017:

No. pos. Specification Price expressed in lei
1 Adults (lei/person) 15
2 Children*, pupils*, students*, pensioners (lei/person) 10
3 Parking fee for parking the cars inside the perimeter of the resort (lei/car/day) 0
4 Parking fee for parking the cars outside the perimeter of the resort (lei/car/day) 3
5 Parking fee for motor vehicles, except passenger cars, outside the perimeter of the resort(lei/motor vehicle/day) 15

Camping fees for:

- tents (lei/m2/day)

- caravans, utility vehicles, minibuses (lei/m2/day)




7 Leisure Area charge (lei/m2/day) 1,25
8 Entry fee for sauna 5
9 Sunbed charge 5
10 Multifunctional sports ground fee (lei/person/hour)

8 (diurnal)

12 (nocturnal)

* Entry free of charge for children, pupils and students from children’s home or similar

 GPS: 47.472967 N, 22.567493 E