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Geographic and climate data

Geographical location

Tășnad is a town in the north-western Romania, located in the southern part of Satu Mare County, in the historical region Crișana.
According to the National Statistics Institute (based on the results of the last Census from 2011) there were 8.631 people living in the town Tășnad, being the fourth largest urban centre in Satu Mare County from a demographical point of view.

The town’s geographical location: between 47 ° 28'38 "North and 22 ° 35'0" East, at an altitude of 134 m (Mill Valley Village) and 229 m (the top of the hill on which a large part of the town lies). It has an area of 96.60 km² and a population density of 100 inhabitants / Km2


Tăşnad has a temperate – continental climate with moderate features and with north-western influences; in the South and Southeast area of the town the climate is locally influenced by the hills.

The average annual temperature has values between 9.1 ° C in the southern region (Viişoarei Hills) and 10.0 ° C on the low relief plains (Câmpia Crişurilor and Câmpia Someşului subunits). January is the month with the lowest mean temperatures (-1.9 ° C). Monthly average temperatures are also recorded in February (-1.5 ° C) and December (0.6 ° C). The highest average annual temperatures are recorded in June (20.2 ° C), July (22.7 ° C) and August (24.9 ° C).

The annual average humidity is between 78% and 80%. Annual average rainfall amount is between 550-650 mm. Annual average wind speed is between 2.6 - 3.5 m / s.


The network of natural water flow consists of: Valea Cehalului (Cehalului Valley) (18.8 km),with the following tributaries: Black Valley (3.7 km), Raţului Valley (3.7 km), Ciripicea Valley (9.7 km); Micăului Creek (5.2 km) and Checheţ Valley (16.3 km). The flow of these rivers varies, it increases during the spring, when the snow melts, and almost drains during the summer months.

In the south-western area of the town there are two retention basins to manage the high water, the upstream lake has a capacity of 9515 square meters, and the downstream lake has a capacity of 8419m².


According to the 2011 population and housing census, the population of Tăşnad is estimated to be of 8.631 people, this is a decrease compared to the previous census in 2002, when the population was of 9.528 people. The statistical data shows the population according to ethnic groups: 51.41% Romanians, 36.16% Hungarians, 11.46% Romani, 0.79% Germans, 0.10% Ukrainians, 0.07% others. Religious structure of the population according to the last census of 2011 is as follows: Romanian Orthodox (49.92%), Protestant (26.04%), Roman Catholics (18.54%), Greek Catholics (2.80%), and other religions (2.70%).