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Justification for the necessity of project implementation

The experience of many successful international destinations has shown that tourism is one of the best ways to reduce inter and intra-regional disparities, representing a high economic growth for all economic sectors, because of the multiplier effect that tourism has on the economy where investments can be achieved by developing forms products and tourism services. Based on these elements, the NSRF 2007-2013 and the Regional Operational Programme have tourism as a strategic objective, this being a national and regional priority because it can ensure a sustainable and balanced socio-economic development by harnessing the natural, historical and cultural potential. At local level, there is lack of information and promotion of tourism resources, although Tăşnad town has a tourist potential acknowledged, and materialized in 2000 by acquiring the status of a local interest resort.

This aspect was also the starting point of this project, which aims to support the upgrading of the tourist potential of the town and the area, by proposing alternative leisure activities.

According to the information recorded at county level, the average occupancy rate of tourist structures is low, only about 35%. It is estimated that after implementing the tourism promotion system in the area, a larger number of tourists will be attracted to the area.

The key element in the project implementation is unlocking the potential of the Tăşnad spa resort, given the trends in the international tourist market on "spa tourism or health tourism" which under an appropriate strategy tend to become the major strength for Tăşnad town development.