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Mayor’s welcome message

Each and every one of us has a story as well as every place has a past, which can induce a state or become an inspiring framework for the story of each of us.

The town Tășnad is marked by a long evolution which begins in Neolithic and still continues today. The research carried out on the past existence in time and on the development of the town, reveals that the first mention of the town Tășnad was in document from 1021 written by “Nicolaus Mester Tasnadi plebanus".

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The place received the status of a town in 1968, and today has a population of 8.631 inhabitants, being the fourth largest urban centre of Satu Mare County from demographical point of view.

However, Tășnad is considered to be a special town for offering an inspiring peace, away from the busy life of an ordinary town. The area is surrounded by forests, which become amazing oases of coolness during the summer and offer a beautiful coloured landscape in autumn; and in order to complete the fairy tale realm, Tăşnad area is famous for its geothermal waters, known as healing waters, and thanks to them, our settlement has become a famous tourist resort.

And because every fairy tale realm has a story and a castle, the anthropogenic tourism potential of our region is a witness and call tell a part of the tumultuous history of our country and of a county from Transylvania where Romanians, Hungarians and Germans used to live together for centuries, which led to the remarkable diversity and cultural wealth we are so proud of today. The historic artefacts, religious buildings, cultural sites and monuments invite travellers to relive the past of this area.

And what keepS this fairy tale real alive? The inhabitants of the town, Tășnad people, of course, who know to offer the visitors the best they have, so the instantly become our guests and friends. Our passion for tourism, our respect for a quiet and a divers environment, our feelings and our way of life give us confidence that the ones who choose to collect memories from our town, will write a wonderful travel story!

Legal representative of the project